The History of The John H Hargreaves Memorial Post 10722 VFW

History of the Building



Originally called "Pilgrim Hall", the first Grange meeting took place there on January 19, 1898. After 1906, all Grange meetings were held at Pilgrim Hall. (from "Reflections"). In 1917 the town purchased Pilgrim Hall.

During WWII a small paper called the "The Broadcast" was published by the Grange to be distributed mainly to military personnel from Pelham.

From it's beginnings, the building held musical performances, dances, dinners and many community functions. Later, it became the Pelham Town Hall and the upstairs was used to hear court proceedings and hold town board meetings which were open to the public.

In March of 2005, the people of the Town of Pelham, NH voted to give the old Town Hall to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of Pelham, NH, Memorial Post 10722. On July 19th, 2005 the property deed was officially signed by the Selectmen. The Post members later that year renamed the Post to the John H. Hargreaves Memorial Post 10722 in honor of the past Commander who put his heart and soul into the Post and in supporting veterans.

 A heartfelt Thank You to the citizens of Pelham, NH for making it important that its veterans have a place to honor all veterans.


 The John H. Hargreaves Memorial Post 10722 currently has 113 members as of June 30, 2015.

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William Allore                  Emil Bedard

Ralph Boutwell                Richard Dean

Charles Dick                     George Elston

Parker Godfrey                Gilbert Harris

J.Albert Lynch                  John Mendosa 

Robert Monty                  William Otto

George Roberts               Russel Savary

Joseph Verfaille               Robert Blackler

Paul Pellerin                     William Beaucage  

Gerard Boucher              Gerald Danis

John A.DiCeasare, Sr      Wesley Eckley

Charles Gibson                 John H. Hargreaves

Paul Lund                          Harold Mcloud, Jr

Samuel Messery              Robert Munson

Victor Pierga                     Charles Ruggiero

Frank Simone                   Donald McCoy

Alred Nadeau                   Robert Preston